Riding The Waves

004: Sherry Hopson

004: Sherry Hopson 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Guide and Counselor:

Sherry Hopson has over 20 years experience working with clients utilizing her gifts and talents as a spiritual counselor. She is an internationally known author speaker and radio personality.

Sherry spent the first 26 years of her business career in corporate America working her way up to running a successful national finance firm, and she left her position to follow her passion as a spiritual counselor.

Sherry has a specialty working with a soul’s progression of the emotional aspects of development from life time to life time and also the developmental process of the master soul groups.  Not only is she known as a past life expert but also very highly recognized for her energy work. She has worked with numerous medical doctors throughout the United States and a bio chemist working on cancer research utilizing her medical intuitive abilities.  Her energy clearing work is known to be highly effective in creating a person to create healing and movement through karmic conditions.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear Sherry’s journey…


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003: Sarah Jayne Jensen

003: Sarah Jayne Jensen 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

From Broadway to Babies (and Beyond):

Sarah Jayne is originally from Utah and she pretty much always knew she was going to be a performer (she booked her first film at age 11!)

SJ’s career lead her to Broadway where she was cast in several shows including Fosse, Oklahoma! & Gypsy. It was in NYC where she discovered her love of improv at UCB.

Sarah Jayne was quickly cast in the features “Across The Universe” and “Hairspray” and then decided to move to Los Angeles to further purse tv and film.  She has worked on “Pushing Daisies”, “Punk’d”, “Center Stage: Turn It Up”, “…Sally Carmichael.” (and many other shows).  SJ has also written & shot her own pilot and numerous sketches.

Sarah Jayne now has three children and continues to work on shows at the Hollywood Bowl as well as creative producing on the side.  She has gone from Broadway to Babies and Back…hear how SJ balances it all…


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002: Monica Dogra

002: Monica Dogra 1920 1080 angela

Born in Baltimore to Becoming a Musician and Star in Bollywood:

Monica Dogra is an incredible actress and musician whose music video ‘Naraye Mastana’ got over 2M+ views on youtube the first week it was released.

Born in Baltimore and trained at NYU (in Musical Theater), Monica has achieved some incredible “firsts” in India – a world-tour with India’s first ever female fronted band and performed at all of India’s first ever musical festivals (akin to Coachella).

Monica was voted one of India’s Most Beautiful women by Femina Magazine, Elle India, Maxim India, Vogue India and First City.

She has acted in numerous feature films as well as released 5 studio albums. She is a member on the judging panel of India’s first English music talent show, The Stage. Monica hosted four seasons of the music-Docu series “The Dewarists” that was nominated for a Cannes Lion. She also worked on the VICELAND and Emmy nominated series “WOMAN” produced by Gloria Steinem.

Tune in to hear how Monica rode the wave to achieve all she has to date…


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001: Fredric Steck

001: Fredric Steck 1920 1080 angela

The Secrets of the Journey to Becoming a Pre-IPO Partner at Goldman Sachs:

Fred Steck was a pre-IPO Partner at Goldman Sachs.  He was the National Sales Manager and a Managing Director; and retired from the firm in 2008 as an Advisory Director.

Currently serving on the Foundation Board of UC Santa Barbara and a private investor in the software company Aravo and health & wellness company Thorne, Fred shares his story on how his journey began and how he got to where is he today.


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